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Urban Mo's (Gay Night Club)

Address: 308 University Ave , Hillcrest San Diego, CA , 92103 USA
Phone: 619-491-0400
Website: www.urbanmos.com
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Country bar and Urban Mo's resturant.

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Review posted by damansauve: 2008-08-27

Great place to relax and get a burger

Review posted by ericka619: 2008-08-17


Review posted by johnny25: 2008-08-01

It's a chill live crowd during traffic hours. Mix crowd and have always enjoyed the atmosphere.

Review posted by slorockstar: 2008-06-11

love this place. sunday afternoons are the best. great food, awesome staff, very social bar.

Review posted by ltclay: 2008-05-17

Urban Moe's is a goldmine for the owner and patron. It is busy every single day of the year with all kinds of interests for everyone. Originally the first 'Hamburger Mary's', it has always been the place to go and hang, dance, eat and spending time with friends. The patio is great and everyone there is extremely friendly.

Review posted by tat2dcwby: 2008-04-17

Great has country dancing 2 nights a week, fun friendly bar and great place to eat. Staff is very friendly and fun

Review posted by sdlthr: 2008-01-24

Urban Mo's/Kickers was great when it was Hamburger Mary's. After becoming Urban Mo's it has gone downhill for those looking for a country bar. If you want a hip, disco, twink bar it is great. If you want a nice country bar, go only on Saturday night and stay only inside. Otherwise, hope a new country place opens in SD soon, without DISCO Inferno night, very soon.

Review posted by jce4you: 2007-12-13

it is a great place to go

Comment posted by jjic: 2007-10-28
I'm a gay cowboy. Once there was a place guys like me could come into the city and be with other gay cowboys...some were real most urban cowboys. It was fun. I don't go there anymore simply because I feel I'm not wanted. So I go to In Cahoots in Mission Valley where "we" can get out fix of music and dancing. "We" know who "we" are- the GayDar thing- so it's all good. I've hooked up with a couple of cowboys so i'm good to go. Urban Mo's is doing what any business would do to generate revenues, I don't fault them for that at all. i just think showing us country boys to the door after years of supporting them aint right.

Review posted by 1butch1: 2007-09-19

Great food - very busy. Country only 2 nights (Thur. & Sat.) Friendly folks. If it wasnt so crowded I'd give 5 stars.

Review posted by sdtopcwby: 2007-09-15

Kicker/Hamburger Mary's is now called Urban MO's and Kickers. Great resturant with very friendly handsome and sexy looking staff.

Review posted by jhdeleon: 2007-08-16

This is truely not a CW bar but they try. They do not control the non-cw dancers so while people get out and attempt dance but just cause interuptions in the flow of the dancers.

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